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This is what the Professionals are saying:

“A driving song that surprises you from the beginning track. The build up to the song is like riding a roller coaster and really makes you get out of your seat leaving you breathing heavy and sweating after....Blast off Bad Ass Beauty.....a strong rock/funk Anthem that gets you pumped up for some booty shaking head bashing..”
- Martin Yee- Drummer for Bowie, Sting, Seal, Van Morrison, Martin Yee- Drummer for Bowie, Sting, Seal, Van Morrison
“Great mix of edgy rock, with funky melodies. It's something that people with differing musical tastes could get into.”
- Jessie Wagner of ENVY, Lenny Kravitz, Kid Rock, Jessie Wagner and Envy
"I can hear that you all really know what you are doing. I do like it a lot and your description is right on.(“Jagged Pill” album on steroids.) Really well done."
- John Rollo (Grammy Award Winning Producer), John Rollo (Grammy Award Winning Producer)
"Motley Crue, Grand Master Flash, Kool and the Gang and Slip Knot artificially inseminated The Wicked Witch of the West then she gave birth on Broadway = Bad Ass Beauty" -
- Dominick DiMichele, Owner, National Event Systems, Inc, National Event Systems, Inc
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These are reviews from Reverbnation listeners on our single "ME"
I love the guitar riffs in this piece at the start of the piece of music. it is cool and catchy. I would defiantly want to learn the guitar riffs if I could play guitar. I like the vocals of this piece of music as well, it has a different tone to it compared to different songs which is great because it gives the song depth and tonality. I like the drum rolls as well in this track. This is defiantly something I would want to listen to on my own free will. nothing I would change, It has great lyrics which would relate to many young people/ teenagers.
The electric guitar starts this track off with a super edgy and hardcore sound. The lady talks at first but then begins to sing with a heavy voice and hard style. The instruments and the voice of the singer blend well with each other. It's a good mix of the two to make this track a rock and roll hit.
This song sounds wild and unprofessional. Straight away, it sounds like a horror. The vocals are not clear and the music is too overpowering. The lyrics cannot be clearly heard and sounds shapeless. The lyrics annoying and weak. I don't particularly like the song and the instrumental sounds droning and ongoing. There is a consistency but it gets tedious to listen to.

I'm really reminded of En Vogue with this song and I love it! There's a lot of heart and soul with this female rocker! She is awesome and needs to be heard! The music is just as great with a powerful hard hitting guitarist who can play! The backup vocals are a hit too and really keep with the music, while staying in the background as they are suppose too. not too overpowering at all. Loved this song and I would love to hear more from this artist! They need signed!!!
The female vocals definitely impressed me with their power. They managed to sing with quite a soulful tone but still had the power to go with the electric guitar, they were very well sung and clearly quite talented. The guitar as mentioned was so electric and spirited, it has quite a refreshing quality to it and definitely shines in the song. It's a fast and furious song with plenty of tone and soul from the female singer. A good listen overall.
with heavier rock guitar starting the track the the female vocals, which part speaks and part sings the lyrics, does soften the track, very slightly. though there is no lack of power in the vocals, and no let up in them all the way through the track, though there is some degree of variety. Behind them, all the way through the track, the lead guitar give the track a bit of a musical hook, whilst the drums add some real power. a good solid track for the genre and its distinct enough to be noticed.
A twirling of grinding guitar and drums fuse with woman vocals talking. She then sings in a rough rocky way about love and life. The notes grind in a hard rock way. The notes are fast and it is kinda toe tapping. It is perfect for a hard rock concert and it could be danced to. It is pretty good. The notes grind in angst.
Big guitar refrain with conversational vocals leads into fuller score and singing. The vocals are good, however the lyrics are difficult to understand, they are getting swallowed up by the music. The track is very lively with good expressiveness and the music is engaging, however the arrangement may be a little too chaotic. The track has a bit of a clangorous tone and arrangement could be cleaner and clearer sounding. It’s all a little too cluttered. The melody and especially chorus could be more shapely and enticing. Good guitar work.
Nice rock sound. Love the combination of speaking and singing. Singers have a very strong voice. Sounds a little like a group called Envogue. The drums and symbols have a very good beat. Would not listen to all the time but, a great song when you are driving a sports car. This song could be used in a movie regarding racing.
I disliked the talking part at the start of the song it was a bit hectic and much, i doubt if it would appeal to a wide audience, but could go down well at a rock or heavy metal concert, its easy to sing along to, artist brings energy and shows confidence in the vocals, i don;t think it has the potential to be a commercial hit or appeal to the masses.
A sensual female vocal track overlaid on top of rock instrumentals. A great track that promotes strong women as still female and being oneself yet allowing freedom of self though can often be hard to break through the barriers that bind. The song is a rocking tale of sexy strong sultry women and revenge against those who don't accept them as same.
This song is very loud and crazy. This song can get peoples adrenaline rushing. The song has quite a bit of foul language. People would play this sound at a young party. The instrumental is very noisy and loud. This song is very irritating. The singing has a plain voice. I would not recommend this song to a friend because it is too crazy. There are many differences in this song.
I love the guitar riffs in this piece at the start of the piece of music. it is cool and catchy. I would defiantly want to learn the guitar riffs if I could play guitar. I like the vocals of this piece of music as well, it has a different tone to it compared to different songs which is great because it gives the song depth and tonality. I like the drum rolls as well in this track. This is defiantly something I would want to listen to on my own free will. nothing I would change, It has great lyrics which would relate to many young people/ teenagers.
The electric guitar starts this track off with a super edgy and hardcore sound. The lady talks at first but then begins to sing with a heavy voice and hard style. The instruments and the voice of the singer blend well with each other. It's a good mix of the two to make this track a rock and roll hit.
This song sounds wild and unprofessional. Straight away, it sounds like a horror. The vocals are not clear and the music is too overpowering. The lyrics cannot be clearly heard and sounds shapeless. The lyrics annoying and weak. I don't particularly like the song and the instrumental sounds droning and ongoing. There is a consistency but it gets tedious to listen to.
The music sounded way too crazy like something I would hear on a guys video game for boxing or something. I hated the talking in the beginning too it was so pointless and definitely didn't help the terrible crazy music on any level at all. I don't think I even have to say I am not a fan of this artist or song if this is the kind of music she will be coming out with. She should try a whole new sound because this is not it for her.
Very hard & rugged sounding that would be perfect at a good rock bar. The lead singer has a beautiful voice that could probably sing any genre she wants to but she is rocking it out. It just works for some strange reason and caused me to keep wanting to hear more. The vocals are what definitely stand out but that's not to take away from the band because the two compliment each other so well. This is a good pairing with a bright future.
Lead singer has such a distinctive and dynamic voice; such attractive vocal tone and range! The guitars should have been turned down just a hint- she should overpower them a bit, and instead, it sounds like she's fighting to be heard. Poor balance there, even if the melody is very driving and strong. There's a lot of talent here- would love to see something like this (with more balance) hit the rock station waves! Try a different arrangement of these aspects, let the vocals dominate, and this song could seriously rock.
This is reminiscent of a retro acid rock sound. I like it. The vocals are powerful and the lead voice exhibits a nice range and a shows off a bit of verbrato. The lyrics are good and the brief guitar solo towards the end of the rind is impressive. It is something we do hear a lot of in songs any more.
Nice rhythm. I would do without the ad-lib to the introduction. The lead vocals sounds good as well the harmonies. The guitarist to this song is real good. Like the guitar solo to this song. You can tell this person is a good guitar player. Like how the band is very tight. This song would go real well in the night club. The production is done real well. Nicely mixed. I think this song would do well in the radio. Overall I'm giving this song a strong 9.
I did enjoy the cool metal electric guitar opening up this tract. However, the female vocalist actually talking over the whole intro distracts from the good elements. She did sound powerful and talented when she began to deliver. It was fascinating how she continued to hit so many notes in this arrangements. Impressive! The rhythm just jams on this tract. A new sound as well. I have to give it up to the drummer who was just on point and energetic throughout, making for cool, consistent beat. Equally impressive was the ability of the vocal artist to deliver such intriguing lyrics so clearly and passionate story that was expressed so powerfully yet so gracefully. The melody in this song is easy to identify and also memorable. Not an easy task putting this tract together. Well done!
I don't like when songs start off with the singer talking. Shes singing about being a cyclone and her bad qualities. I think its a turn off when people sing and high light the bad things about themselves. the electric guitar is pretty basic. this songs really rough and grungy and unattractive.
i don't really like this song too much. I don't think this is a hit by no means.I think the song had to much treble. I think the singer was off of her notes. It just sounded like she was yelling at some parts of the song. The beat kept going from a hard rock to a pop to a burlesque. I don't find it too entertaining.
The vocals have a tune but the music is too noisy. The female vocals are more screechy. The music itself seems to be too much electric guitar. Needs a little more instruments in it. I would rate this a 6. Needs more work on the music and too much screechy vocals.
i thought during the whispery intro that this was going to be a very interesting song. The female lead has a beautiful speaking voice. the music came to life and suddenly the kittenish voice became shrieking and off key. this song is not the best showcase for her voice. possibly just more confidence and practice would smooth the harshness out. it's got serious potential. the drummer is very skilled, but it's almost overpowering the vocals and everything else. the guitar and bass only showed up occasionally. the harmony between lead vocals and backup was not there. they did not harmonize at all. i'd like to hear the whole band play something they don't have to force out
This rocks! This is phenomenol, Wonderous lyrics and a great beat. I love the drums and base line, This truely is amazing this artist is very talented and knows what they are doing, I love the powerful stormy like elements to this tune, Very beautiful stuff I like this , great sound and breathtaking vocals
Not my style of music at all. The robotic voice thing doesn't really fly with most people anymore and heavy metal has sort of faded as well. The guitarist is doing way too much and messing up the cords. The lyrics are stupid and the lead singer is shout-singing rather than just singing.
Five seconds into the song, and I'm already extremely uninterested. The female artist's voicr scares me a lot, and the lyrics she sings doesn't help that fact at all. The female artist sounds angry and hateful, and I'd much rather listen to happy, cheerful and upbeat songs. The background music sounds way to intense to have a singer with this female artist's tone of voice and vocal style. The artist herself does not sound bad, she seems to be relatively talented, but the tone of her voice isn't going together with the background music to me. I personally feel the song would be better as a duet with a male artist, maybe that way the song would have more of the feel that this female artist was obviously trying to achieve. The background music itself is pretty entertaining, and that is where most of my focus is leaning towards. The background music is intense and extremely fun to jam out to and dance to, but the song as a whole id not what I would consider an amazing song. I think that I know some people who'd really enjoy this song, but to me, the song didn't stand out immensely, and that's a problem. Like I said though, the singer is talented, and she should stick to the music genre she's obviously interested in, but try something just a little bit different and maybe a track or two will be more exciting and liked by her audience. Not a horrible song because of the sounds coming from the background music. I was still really pumped up, but this song isn't the kind of track I could see myself singing along to.
I don't know if its a file issue, but this track seems like a heavily compressed mp3. It sounds a little muddy and compressed. The singer has a great rock voice. In the chorus, the vocals seem to go a bit too much with the music and don't really stray away from the songs melody. With that being said, she has a powerful voice. The actual song sounds a little dated. Maybe back to the 90's. It doesn't sound like something I'd imagine hearing on the rock stations today. I love the guitar solo. It has that 90's California solo feel.
the intro was really good and sounded like a really good hard-hitting rock and roll song. the instruments where great there where alot of different types and different tones. the vocals where really good and had a great pitch and went well with the beat. the beat was really fast and exciting. it makes me feel good and really exited and hyped. the volumes where pretty wired the instatements where WAY louder then that vocals. overall, it was good and sounded very professional. but the volume was the only bad part. 8/10
pretty cool intro, very catchy tune. reminds me of a female version of sevendust. Awesome dynamics, best vocals Ive herd so far today,the guitar riff is mad as, drumming is so solid. Everything about this band screams make me famous. Love the lyrics to. Dont hear many sic heavy rock female vocal bands, and its good to hear a awesome one. My overall comment on this song is fantastic.
I found the spoken part in the introduction unnecessary. For one thing it's overshadowed by the music, for another it's corny. It crops up in between the singing in other parts. The vocalist clearly has a powerful voice but I don't think this is the right choice of song for her. I'm sure she aims to be empowering but it doesn't come through clearly. The lyrics are just too kitschy. Parts of the musical arrangement is fine, but overall it is more chaotic than rhythmic. They aim to be complex and ends up being overly so. I don't really hear a hit in the song's current condition.
The background in the intro sounds just brilliant with the drums and guitar, although the talking over it sort of ruins it. Not bad though. A little bit after the intro, the song becomes a very punk-y tune to punk metal (If that's a genre) Also, it has a very snappy way of singing, aggressive of some sort. It gives you a very good feel and a nice amount of satisfaction while listening through the song. It also has a sound that you wouldn't find in most songs you'd find nowadays. I'd recommend this song to anyone into punk rock or just reaching the borderline between punk and metal.
a rock song. has a very interesting rift. but the vocals aren't quite as interesting to listen to. the beat is rapid and a high tempo. the melody is okay, not the best but not the worst. lyrics seams meaningless, just thrown together, not depth to it, just an average song. I don't think this song will do extremely well commercially, it will defiantly get some purchases but no one is getting rich anytime soon off this song along.
Reminds me of Pearl Jam. I like it. It's a bit harder than what I listen to, but I like it. I think the vocals could be more to the front, a bit louder, clearer, but the quality is great. Very catchy. I could hear this on the radio right now.
A rock theme in the background which complements this song well but it does seem quite complex and hard to understand,maybe if they calmed down the harmony down a bit as it feels quite rough and the pitch range is way to wide and i kinda hurts your ears to listen,i think this song would sell only to those who like this kind of music,Goths for example.The lyrics are quite loud as well as it feels like she is shouting at me and the recording equipment dosent sound great on hear.
I like the rock and metal start. I am not sure I like the background voice in the intro. The vocalist is loud and expressive while remaining in control. The drums and the rest of the band are in time and work well together. The timing of changes are well put together. There is quite a lot of grit and drive to the overall song.
Hard hitting guitars on the start with a female vocalist. She has a powerful set of lungs. It is a heavy metal type tune. Non stop rock and roll. The lyrucs are talking about being free and it still comes back to her. Good tone very heavy beat. You are sure to rock out on it. I belive they do an excellent job and sound very exciting.
This is a very rocky song that will probably only appeal to that niche market with the added props of a female vocalist. This song hasnt really got any high point over than the rocky musics but only appear to have sub standard singing over the top that in fairness could be anyone that isn't tone death. The song has a lot going on with the drumbeat maintained throughout. The lyrics seem all over the place i don't think this song will make it big and only really a track that will be good when at festivals.
The vocal overlay at the beginning is good and I like the tone she uses in that part of the song. However I think the beat and instrumental throughout this piece of music isn't anything original or different to other songs I've heard. I also believe the vocals are a bit shout y for the lyrics.
Pretty heavy rock... nice heavy beat to this song. the girl vocals are not bad, she can actually sing. I did not think this was a bad song, but i felt it was a little redundant with the lyrics. The beat was pretty repetitious as well. the music was so loud it was hare to hear the lyrics. Not a bad song, but not sure I would want to listen to it all the time. It might appeal more to someone that is really really into heavy rock
i love the way the voice goes with the beat. and can blend well and use the beat with there voice well. the instrumentals were .awesome everything in this song was great . really fantastic. good job you guys keep it up. no no really i mean it keep it up. oh keep it original eh hm how bout i write songs instead of these people or for them
I think that tge person singing is to lie for the song. It seems as the song s impeding and I like the message but I'm a bit unsure because I can't really here what st e is saying. So sing louder,have more vase in the music. But I like the song over all. I would listen to it oin the radio.
I wasn't a big fan of this song. The instruments didn't flow well together or with the lyrics. I can't see my friends and I listening to this song all the time and really having a good time, and I have a hard time seeing this song, and this band, having mainstream success.
The music I love but the voice doesn't go well with the tune, it needs to be more rockish with the voice. I love the beat to it, its got style and character defiantly a head bouncer and it reminds me of an old style mix of the new age and 90s music.
Although I like the style of the song the intro during the the beginning is hard to hear. The music is louder than the artist. Although, the vocals seem to be strong and confident they seem to be competing with the instrumental components. The musical instruments seem to take over and occasionally the pitch is a little low.
Not very pleasant to listen to. Reminiscent of Alanis Morrisette, sound wise. Don't like the beginning. Too loud, hard to keep track of what the lyrics are saying. Very repetitive in nature. Not they style of music I would enjoy listening to. Lacks an overall appeal. Vocals could use improving.
The loud drumming that opens this song competes with the introductory vocals. A decrease in volume would help balance the accompaniment and vocals. Background vocals strengthen the song. Lead vocals are strong, and the female singer performs with passion. Lyrics did not hold my attention. I think that this song's accompaniment is its greatest strength as the drumming, while loud, is outstanding. Vocals are competently performed but didn't hold my interest.
I didn't like the electric guitar and thought this was too obnoxious. I didn't like all the talking in the introduction. The girl singing wasn't that bad and I like her bad girl side. I like the fast drums, but the female vocalist that was singing with her didn't match her at the same time and it was strange to me. It was okay, but not the rock song that I expected to hear. It wasn't the best that I've heard
I like the aggression in this intro. The tones have an intensity that makes you take notice. If you weren't awake before, you certainly are now. These vocals are not bad, they do pack a punch of energy into these lyrics. I have a hard time understanding them in parts as everyone's dynamics are very loud and overwhelming. It is almost like everyone is competing with one another to be in the spot light. The tempo moves at a very good pace as I am feeling some high energy levels. This song is pretty busy in the accompaniment, so many sounds harmonizing together. None of it clashes. This aggressive sound is pretty fluid. I think the melody is kind of catchy. If you like an avalanche of energy that never seems to end, then you will like a song like this.
The electric guitar and drums were playing hard and fast non-stop throughout the song. The voice of the vocal artist was kind of scary. In combination with the lyrics of the song, it fit well, where she sang of being psycho and going crazy. This song was crazy and didn't have much rhythm. The uptempo beat was very prominent with the drums playing, but I think that everything could have been toned down a notch and the vocal artists voice could have been put more towards the front of this song, where it seemed to be just background sound to the instrumental music playing.
A energetic pair of electric rock guitars open the intro to this song. A woman's voice sings in a rock fashion. There is a great beat being maintained by a drumset in the background, a long with bass guitar that blends in well. The guitars play a great riff that keeps your attention. The vocals are energetic and all over the place energy wise while the lady stays on key. This song is reminiscent of Janis Joplin in some ways. The overall mix of the song is professional. All the instruments blend together well. I like this song and believe it would do well on rock stations that lead towards heavy metal.
Drum play and base is cool. Vocalist is creative and she has attitude. She sings with style and she is convincing. The performance is all round good. The music is fluent and the music never stops. The lyrics are tuneful and they are positive. The beat is thick in sound and it establishes the sound.
I couldn't understand the woman in the beginning and I did not like how that was laid on top of the rock music. Once she started singing full on it was a little better but I don't think her voice went well with the music at all. I also thought the music was really overpowering for her. It almost seemed like a gospel singer gone tough but uses the word "swag." It wasn't the best.
Cool begining crazy it's the type of energy style music really cool sound quality and the rhythm is great brilliant flow to it, great vocals, to improve the song you could maybe sometimes the song louder just to change the volume to make it more entertaining soit's not just the same volume all song.
The guitar riff at the beginning rocks hard coupled with the bassline, but the spoken word vocals at the beginning just don't sound very good. I think that the song improves once she transitions from the speaking into her singing voice. The layered vocals are great as well. The song is hard hitting and aggressive, and that's due in part to her vocals, but also to the strong rhythm backbone of the track. The guitars are also very aggressive and somewhat in your face.
The hardcore guitar with the talking at the beginning didn't seem to mesh well. There is something off with the drums that I am just not getting. Seems a little off rhythm. The vocals are okay but I think that it is a little too much going on at once.