Birth of the "BAD ASS"

Bad Ass Beauty is the future of Rock Music fronted by the ultimate of female Bad Assness and backed by a band made of steel balls!

We have taken Rock, Metal and Groove to a new level and mixed it with a dash of The Alpha Female. This has turned into the band "Bad Ass Beauty."
This super group is made up of musicians dripping with the seasoned sauces of professionalism and will take you on a musical journey into uncharted territory of sexy metal!
So get your ears lubed up and ready for a musical fuck with Bad Ass Beauty.

The Beauty's are not just bad ass but very skilled coming from a background of individual and group artist touring, raw skill, and all around school of hard knocks
are now releasing the wrath of balls out, groove, passionate, sexy metal with our debut album "4 Horsemen".

Bad Ass Beauty got our masters degree in the trenches of NYC so to all the fans and mega supporters enjoy the bad ass ride with us cuz we're starting at rock bottom and just watch history be made and lives change right in front of your eyes and in your ears! Yes!

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